And then they did it.

At the end of May, just weeks ahead of south Sudan’s declaration of independence, the northern Sudanese military made a strategic move to grab the disputed territory of Abyei. I ran ragged trying to cover the extent of human flight from the area. When I look at it retrospectively, I feel so devastated. I was partially shielded by this box I put in front me. On occasions, some of which are captured by these pictures, I was torn to my core. I need to sit down and articulate the human devastation that the offensive caused. The writing is essential but I hope, in the mean time, that the pictures will express the feeling. I’m sorry that this is coming so late.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by stories. Through much of my life, I satisfied this interest with the study of history. The topics of war, uprising, social movements and sexuality defined my course of historical study and generated a deep curiosity in the modern aspects of these issues. While the past enthralls me, my interest in creating modern primary documents ultimately won out. Since 2005, I have worked to document the individual consequences of war, poverty and social unrest. Through a combination of photography, text, and audio recordings, I hope to illustrate broader issues through individual stories. I aim to create images and material that demand consideration for the lives of those depicted. I believe that intimate, sensitive photographs leave indelible marks on the conscience and actively oppose the sterilization of human suffering.

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  1. My response is late, I know. Love the photo of the little girl leading the blind (?) man. Very touching.
    Taking care of yourself is a challenge when you cover disturbing events. People don’t realize that the
    photographer can be profoundly shaken too. Watch your step here, talk to friends who understand and will
    listen…support is critical.

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